Reporting Positive COVID-19 Cases in Grades K through 12 

(Per Order from Director of the Ohio Department of Health)


OCTOBER 12, 2020 THRU OCTOBER 17, 2020

Revised 10/19/2020

Confirmed COVID-19 Letter from the Superintendent

Probable COVID-19 Letter

Blanchester Middle School News

Student of the Month

Posted on: October 7, 2020

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for September!

6th Grade: Ben Riley
Teacher praise, "Ben is extremely polite, respectful and always willing to help others. He turns his work in on time, and is willing to do whatever needs to be done in the classroom. Ben is an excellent example of BLUE Pride". - Mrs. Rich

7th Grade: Bella McCollister
Teacher praise, "Bella is a student who is always ready to learn and willing to help others. Bella McCollister puts forth her effort in all of her activities and is by far the best McCollister to grace the 7th grade hallways this year. She is kind and thoughtful towards others and is a great example of Blue Pride". -Mr. K. Ballinger

8th Grade: Ethan Meravi
Teacher praise, "The 8th Grade student of the month is Ethan Meravi. Ethan is ready to help out if you need a hand with something. He is always kind to other students and staff. He is very pleasant to be around. He works hard to understand material presented in class. In class, Ethan is attentive, on task, and completes his work. He is also eager to help and encourage fellow students." -Mrs. Elston