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High School Scheduling

High School Scheduling

Scheduling Guide

Scheduling Forms:





Students are encouraged to select their courses carefully in the spring. The number of requests for a particular class determines class sections. Changes affect class size and course needs and therefore we are unable to accommodate general schedule changes. Students should make course selections by carefully reading course descriptions, considering future plans, and talking with teachers, counselors and parents in order to ensure the Schedules will NOT be changed to get a different teacher, class period, lunch schedule, or to be with friends. 


Schedule changes will ONLY occur in the following situations: 

1. A substitute course is needed to meet graduation requirements. 

2. A change in course level is deemed appropriate through a team meeting. 

3. A schedule conflict occurs leading to a potential course/schedule change. 


Schedule Change Process: 

1. Obtain a Schedule Change Request Form from the guidance office. 

2. Complete all portions of this request form and understand this is a REQUEST only, not a guarantee. 

3. Turn in completed form to the appropriate counselor mailbox in the guidance office. 

4. FOLLOW ORIGINAL SCHEDULE until your counselor reviews the request and you meet with your counselor to determine if there will be a change in your schedule.

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