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Parent Emergency Notification

Dear Parents,

The Blanchester Local School District takes the safety and security of our staff and students very seriously. As part of an Ohio Revised Code requirement, the District is required to inform students and parents/guardians of our emergency parental notification protocols.

In the event of an emergency where an evacuation of the school building is necessary, we have identified an off-site location (reunification site) to get students to safety.  In any emergency, we will disseminate information through our One Call system and website.  We will continue to provide updates through the above avenues as needed.

We are asking parents to be sure that their emergency contact information is always up to date in our files in order to be contacted in case of emergency.  Please contact our building secretary to make any necessary changes.

For reunification purposes we will only release students to individuals on their emergency forms. Proper ID is also required to release students.

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